Industrial Estate Signage

Enhancing delivery efficiency with new lamppost banners on the Royston Industrial Estate

We are delighted with the recent enhancement made to the infrastructure of Royston Industrial Estate – the installation of brand-new lamppost banners. This project, born out of collaborative consultation with Royston businesses, is funded by Royston First BID and aims to improve the overall logistics and delivery processes for all businesses and their customers.

The lamppost banners have been marked with ‘zones’ and strategically placed throughout the estate to facilitate a smoother and more efficient delivery experience for all businesses. Acting as visual guides, these banners will help delivery companies easily locate premises amidst the industrial landscape.

These banners will not only expedite deliveries but also contribute to a more streamlined and convenient experience for everyone working on the estate. 

Are you a business located on the Royston Industrial Estate? 

To make the most of this improvement, we encourage all businesses on Royston Industrial Estate to utilise the lamppost banners as a means of communication with delivery companies. Consider sharing your location in relation to your ‘zone’ to further assist drivers in identifying your premises swiftly.

Sharing this information within your organisation, particularly with logistics and receiving departments, will help you to use the lamppost banners as a point of reference for incoming deliveries.

Thank you for your collaboration and feedback 

We would like to express our gratitude for your ongoing collaboration and support. This project, made possible by the funding from Royston First BID, reflects our collective commitment to enhancing the business environment within our industrial estate.

If you have any questions or require further information about the lamppost banners or their optimal utilisation, please do not hesitate to contact us via