What businesses think about the BID

As a trade counter, free flowing access to the industrial estate is absolutely critical to our business. Royston First’s detailed work on the A505 Link through the Royston Gateway has been highly beneficial, as indeed has their ‘behind the scenes’ liaison with the Local Authorities over current and projected parking issues on the industrial estate.

Steve Jackson
Managing Director, Enfield Electrical

We have enjoyed working closely with Royston First and their project, the Royston Information Centre, which is housed within the library. As a direct result of this collaboration, we were able to re-open the library on Thursday mornings – hugely to the benefit of our community. We very much look forward to continuing this relationship over the coming years.

Library Manager, Royston Library

To be honest, I was initially hostile to the concept of paying an additional local ‘tax’. However, over time we’ve come to realise that the BID is behind, in some shape or form, most of the innovations taking place locally. That’s why I have thrown my support behind making the Royston First BID all it can be for the next 5 years. Putting it another way, what town initiatives will happen in Royston if the BID is cancelled?

Justin Pringle
Managing Director, Prototype Projects

We have worked with the Royston BID, particularly with the trails that take place four times a year. It certainly helps to boost the number of people on the High Street! As one of the longest established retail businesses in Royston (and still completely family run), we support the BID’s efforts to maintain and improve footfall into the town centre.

Yolande Gautrey
Business Owner, Ladds

We gave our testimonial last time stating that the “Free after 3” and other parking initiatives have had a direct, positive impact on our late afternoon trade. This continues to be the case today. We also actively participate in many of the town trails and intend to do so for another 5 years.

Jenny Robinson
Branch Manager, Mica Hardware

We would encourage Royston First to focus heavily on their new initiatives to improve the links, both commercial and transport, between the industrial estates and the town centre. Obviously, we are keen to support any initiative that attracts Royston’s community to the industrial estate.

Andrew Dawson
Branch Manager, Jewson

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