Projects Supported by Royston First

Royston First has delivered over 30 projects – details of which you can find in the Bid Review. These are some of our most popular projects that have benefited the town and businesses.

Royston Town Website

Find out all about Royston on the town website.

Royston First felt a central place with all local information was a resource vital for the general public. It is a popular website with often over 1500 people visiting monthly.


Here are some examples of other ongoing projects

Operation Artemis – Police Patrols

Late night and weekend uniformed police patrols in the town centre and around the industrial estates

Free-After-3 Parking

Free parking in the town centre in selected car parks after 3pm encouraging after school visitors

Pavement Deep Clean

Deep cleaning carried out up to three times per year in the town on Market Hill, High Street, Angel Pavement